Bing Maps:Features Uncovered

Posted in RAC Routefinder by admin on May 15, 2013

Silverlight application received a great development after Microsoft released the Bing maps control from beta. This entry has a high response capacity with silverlight than what we experienced with AJAX version before this release was made. A Bing map has embedded maps application including local events and destination maps.

Local event is an application that is pretty useful in promoting or finding what is happening around you. This tool enables the user to hover around the map and see what is happening, for all sorts of events. If you happen to be looking for something specific, then you can use the filter to narrow down events until you reach your search results. This application also shows links and the specific times of each event.

The other fantastic application is the destination maps; it’s reminiscent of the hand drawn maps. Once, the user chooses the destination and the specific area of the map, the Bing map will intuitively sketch the location just like they appear on a treasure map.

Bing maps makes use of Photosyth which is an activated street side imagery that joins images together to bring a 3D view that has capacity to display location as they appear in reality. Bing maps give users a high speed transition as they surf loading applications and zooming, because it is enabled by silverlight. The silverlight is the major component of this map application, it brings into a single runtime all the graphics and animations.

Overtime, Bing maps have experienced some changes in its interface. It is made easier to rearrange saved push pins and variety of points on a plotted route. Users are now able to join Bing maps in their web pages. Business and location searches are partitioned out and educational and charity organizations can now take advantage of using it for free.