Rac Route Finder

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routefinderDo you have any specific plans to go and visit the countries of Britain and any other country within Europe any time in the near future? If this is the case, then you should certainly make sure that you have an RAC routefinder as a guide that will allow you to get from place to place without ever losing your way.

This online tool is particularly useful for those who have yet to travel in any of these regions before as it will provide very detailed instructions as to how to get from place to place along with all sorts of different hints and tips and bits of advice as to how to make your journey more seamless. All in all, it acts as a journey planner that will allow you to get from A to B in the shortest possible time.

While there are certainly other features and online tools that you can find that will offer the same sort of services as the RAC routefinder, you will be very hard pressed to find one that is as innovative and thorough with the different features that it offers. While it is primarily functioned to those people who are travelling around Europe and Great Britain, it is also helpful for those who are travelling through the roads of America although this is certainly to a lesser extent.

This tool also comes with lots of features that might interest any person travelling through these regions. One of these will be a helpful tool that will allow you to budget more effectively for your vacation.

This is done in several ways, one of which will be to help you work out the mileage costs of getting from place to place. As such, you can work out exactly how much you will have to spend on fuel getting from one place to the other and you can then calculate all of this into your overall holiday budget.

Of course, another great feature is the fact that you will also be directed to all sorts of different hotels, restaurants, and other activities that will exist on your journey from A to B. Most of these types of tools will only offer you information on how to get from one point to the other, but this one will also give you hints and tips as to what you might do during your journey and where you might visit.

This particular feature is extremely useful for those who are planning to travel for a long time and a long distance. If you are planning to travel for 10 hours along the road then you will certainly want to know exactly where you may be able to stop off for a quick rest and bite to eat during the journey.

Certainly, in the past it was a lot more difficult to navigate your way around the roads using only a hand map to aid you. Now, however, with the use of the RAC routefinder you will find that getting from point a to point is done with absolute ease and efficiency.

Yahoo Maps

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Yahoo maps is a service provided by Yahoo! It provides street maps for USA, Canada and most European countries. It also offers driving directions for USA and Canada.
An advantage of using Yahoo maps is that it has an address book for registered Yahoo! users for streets that are commonly searched for. This ensures that you do not have to look up the directions every time you need to use them.
Yahoo maps also highlights the current highway conditions, for example, traffic buildups or roads that are closed off temporarily. This saves time for the user as estimated arrival times can be estimated depending on traffic and alternative routes can be sought where time is of the essence.
Another great feature of Yahoo maps is the Point of interest finder. This facility allows the user to find businesses and other amenities around the location one is interested in. This is particularly useful when scouting for malls for a break while on the road, or schools and hospitals for those who are looking to move to a new location.
The directions gained from Yahoo maps can then be printed out as a map or as text to take on the road. This comes in handy, because we all know that directions to a new place can be difficult to memorize, especially considering all other activities that go into planning of a trip to unfamiliar territory. If a printed copy is not what one is looking for, the links can be emailed to ones phone and checked on while one is on the road. Remember to pull off the road when using your phone so as not to get in the bad books of the law.
The Yahoo maps application is now available for download to mobile devices. This ensures that you can access their services even when on the road.

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